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Small business growth calculator

Use our calculator to get an estimate of the costs involved with scaling your business (including those you might not have thought about!), so you can manage your cash flow and find out where to spend money.

The figures in this small business growth calculator are based on publicly available online sources. Analysis of these sources is up to date as of 01.09.2022. Please contact for the full source list and analysis.


Click on and fill out each of the cost categories to find out how much it will cost to scale your business.

Business premises

Select from the categories below how much more space you’ll need to scale your business

Co-working space

Co-working space
(6 months per person)

- +
Retail Space Rental

Retail space rental
(annual cost for roughly 300 sq feet, including utility bills)

- +
Storage Space Rental

Storage space rental
(annual cost for 50 sq feet)

- +
Storage Space Purchase

Storage space purchase
(roughly 100 sq feet)

- +


Please select what you’ll need from the below to scale your business

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Professional indemnity insurance

Product Liability Insurance

Public/product liability insurance


Stock & equipment

Please insert the extra amount in a year you’ll spend on stock if scaling your business



Please select how much more of the following equipment you’ll need to scale your business in one year

Retail Till

Retail till

- +
Office furniture (per person)

Office furniture
(per person)

- +
Work from home set-up

Work from home set-up
(per person)

- +


Select how many more employees you’ll need to scale your business in one year

Full Time Employee

Full time employees

- +
Average UK Full Time Salary

Average UK full time salary

Average UK National Insurance Contribution Full Time

Average UK national insurance contribution

Employee Pensions

Employee pensions

Employer’s Liability Insurance

Employer’s liability insurance


Marketing, accounting, legal & software

Please select what you’ll need from the below to scale your business

Monthly SEO

Additional marketing spend (calculated as 10% of the extra revenue target)


Additional legal spend (calculated as 0.6% of the extra revenue target)


Additional accounting spend (calculated as 3% of the extra revenue target)


Additional IT costs (calculated as 6.5% of the extra revenue target)





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Total estimated cost to scale your business over one year

£0.00 over a year

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This small business growth calculator includes average UK figures for a range of expenses that you may incur when trying to scale your business. Depending on the location and purpose of your business, the costs may be different.

Based on the amount you input we’ll calculate associated increases in various business costs, such as marketing spend.

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